Terrace Detailing

Typical Sofa

Sofa arrangements to be located around perimeter of main dining space

Sofa groups should cater for between 4-6 table covers

One sofa should be located in between the open metal screens with cold contact waiter stations. This will act as a physical barrier between the chef’s table / kitchen area and main dining space

Purple leather FA10 only to be used on sofa which sits between the open metal screens as described above

Grey leather FA08 to be used on sofas within the rest of the main dining space

Bright red FA06 contrasting buttons to be used on both colours of leather

4no. square scatter cushions per sofa to be positioned in the corners (2 at each end), navy blue upholstery FA05. Approx. 350mm x 350mm

Sofas should always be paired with slatted back dining chair C06

Sofa length -  2500mm, for 4 covers  3250mm, for 6 covers

Open Metal Screen with Planter Troughs

The open metal screens will be located between the chef’stable / kitchen area and main dining space to act as a physical barrier and division

These screens will wrap behind the cold contact waiter stations, with the sofa located in-between

Where appropriate, it will be preferred for these screens to sit between columns within the space. Dummy columns to be installed if suitable

The height of the screen is always as shown on drawings to sit to u/s of bulkhead surrounding main dining space

Preferred width is 1600mm, depth will always be as shown on drawings to match depth of waiter station

In instances where the overall width must be less than 1600mm, the crop of the pattern should be taken from the right hand side

Pattern work dividers to metal work is an interpretation of ‘Levantine’ pattern, but will be constructed as dimensioned

4 no. planter troughs to be hung from each screen, on the first and third horizontal framework section from the top

Plants must be of a suitable indoor variety, and able to be trimmed and kept at a sensible size

Fairy lights L12 to be incorporated into plants to create a change of lighting levels during the evening

Trough length -  minimum 400mm  maximum 600mm

100mm to be maintained between planter troughs

Timber Canopy

Timber canopy structure to be positioned over entire external terrace space

Canopy allows for festoon string lights L09 to be hung from structure

All cables from light fittings to be neatly fixed in place on top of timber horizontal posts

Posts can be either fixed to the floor or within the planter wall as shown on drawing

Height of structure will vary depending on site

Amount of vertical posts to be determined on a site specific basis to ensure adequate structural strength for canopy timbers above

Setting out of horizontal posts determined by site constraints and within the minimum 800mm and maximum 1200mm spacing shown

Low Level Planter Wall

Low level planter wall to surround perimeter of external seating area to act as a planted backdrop to terrace

Do not use planter wall if views out from terrace are important or against the restaurant

Plants must be of a suitable outdoor variety for the specific region, advise from a landscape gardener or hotel operator may be required

External spot lights to be located within planting and against rear tiled wall for dramatic evening lighting levels L16

Wall always at fixed height of 600mm from FFL, depth of planters will vary depending on site

Shisha Prep Room & Pipe Display

Shisha prep room must always be located on external terrace in a suitable position for waiting staff and customer view of shisha pipe display

Ensure tiered pipe display is adequate depth to hold exact pipes to be used by restaurant

Timber canopy structure to extend on top of shisha prep room

Dimensions shown on plan are minimum requirements for size of room

Refer to Catering Section 10 for required equipment specification


Waiter Station

Portable waiter station on castors to allow ease of storage

1 no. waiter station should be adequate for most terrace sizes

Drawer and cupboard configuration allows for flexibility of storage for all waiter station items

Till and EPOS will be required on waiter station, an allowance for all external grade electric/data points to be provided in preferred location of station

Size of station to always be as shown on drawing