Artwork & Decor: Art


The semi-private dining room will have a slightly more individual feel, there is the opportunity here to display artwork which harks to the locality of the restaurant. An irregular configuration of framed historical photographs of the local area will be displayed on this wall.

Frames must be antiqued gold, but a mixture of colour variation will add to the eclectic look

Square, portrait or landscape can all be used

Frame sizes - minimum 200mm x 200mm maximum 500mm x 500mm

Frames can be with or without photo mounts

Mounts preferably off-white card

Photographs must be historical, at least approx. 30 years old

Colour, sepia and black & white images can be used

Context of photographs to be of local town/region, and can be a mixture of town or rural shots


The private dining room has a richer colour palette, which is enhanced by the feature rug wall hanging. This should be visible upon arrival into the room and will be hung above the credenza unit.

Where possible a local rug should be sourced, that may have detailing from the surrounding region

Rich red, orange and yellow colours are advised

Size to suit the width and height of the individual room, to fill as much of the space as possible

Two rugs may be used where one large one is not available, or does not fit