Artwork & Decor: Decorative Objects


Alongside the framed photographs in the semi-private dining room will be a collection of star mirrors mounted to the wall. These have reference to a 1920s deco styling aesthetic, which reflect the French influences on design in the Levant region.

Frames of mirrors must be antiqued gold, but a mixture of colour variation will add to the eclectic look and they do not need to match the frames

A variety of styles and sizes is preferred. Mirrors should always be round, various diameters should be sourced

Domed or flat mirror pieces can be used

Antiqued silver mirror is preferred, the level of antiquing can vary between mirrors


During the evening dinner service the external terrace tables will hold an eclectic collection of glass candle holders to create intimate lighting levels and enhance the atmosphere (fig. b).

Clear glass bottles, jars and containers to be sourced

These can vary in shape and size to add to the eclectic look

Small tea light candles to be used


The lifestyle display case in the semi-private dining room will be styled with books (fig. c) and vases (fig. d). These will be arranged in between each other on the shelves, but with enough space between as to not over clutter. Refer to Elevation FF for the setting out example.

Books should have colourful binds, plain or patterned, and be of a reasonable thickness

To be laid both vertically and horizontally

Can be colour grouped for a contemporary look

Image to right indicates preferred positioning and spacing Vases

Mixture of traditional Arabic ceramic and metal vases to be used alongside retro style coloured glazed ceramic vases

Curved forms are preferred

Image below indicates preferred positioning and spacing